It’s no accident that so many of the clinically and even non-clinically diagnosed “sufferers” of ADD / ADHD symptoms seek out and recommend The Habit Factor.

In this episode Martin shares how and why you ought to regard your ADD/ADHD as a terrific asset and not focus so much on the liability aspect in the Season II finale episode.

As it turns out, The Habit Factor was birthed as a solution to Martin’s own productivity and goal achievement challenges as chronicled in the bestseller, The Habit Factor (amazon)

Choosing to focus on the positive symptoms of ADD, we see how for instance, “seeing connections others may miss” can be a powerful asset. In fact, this is a great illustration of how The Habit Factor originally identified and published the powerful habit alignment for goal-achievement or “Habits 2 Goals” methodology. And, at the same time exposed best practices like “SMART Goals” for leaving out habit entirely.

Finally, Martin shares that it’s time for him to dive head first into some big projects and moves and wrap-up Season II. All new listeners are encouraged to revisit some of the older episodes!

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