“True nobility isn’t about being better than someone else, it’s about being better than you used to be.” Dr. Wayne Dyer

Martin tackles this Mind Bullet Monday solo and labels it a bit of a hybrid episode since he bridges concepts and ideas from a couple prior episodes.

This episode is on the heels of the synchronicity/serendipity episode where Martin and Henry compare theories on ways to create an increased frequency of such events in our lives.?? Martin then adds some of the late, great Dr. Wayne Dyer’s thoughts via his bestseller, The Power of Intention. Specifically where Dyer reviews the importance of aligning with the “FACE” of the “Creative” source.

In his book, Dr. Dyer spells out the “Seven Faces of Intention” Creativity, Kindness, Love, Beauty, Expansiveness, Abundance and Receptivity and how Dr. Dyer believed deeply that creating alignment / “matching up” with sources “Faces” of energy was essential.

Martin then takes the entire process a step further, and perhaps makes it sound/concrete by recommending to the listener that they focus upon and TRACK just ONE “FACE” at a time for four weeks following the habit factor method. This one step would mimic the process Benjamin Franklin used that was recently recounted on the a prior episode where Ben tracked his behaviors (habits) to create VIRTUES!


The Power of Intention

What does Benjamin Franklin and a Hindu Priest Have in Common?

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