If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.” ~African Proverb

Touching on a theme from a prior episode in season one, Teamwork Makes the Dream Work, Martin shares a couple #MBM worthy quotes, to help underscore the importance of working together.

Citing how geese will fly up to 70% further when they fly as a group in their “V” formation, the analogy isn’t to be lost when it comes to us, attempting to reach our own goals.

The geese will even share leadership and responsibility which allows the other geese (particularly those who’ve worked the hardest) the ability to go to the back, draft, and conserve energy and refresh.

The idea here is to reflect upon your life goals, identify the team you are building and working with and see if you can’t learn from and model the success formula of the geese —teamwork!

And the geese in the back of the formation have an important role too, honking the loudest and cheering the lead geese on who are working the hardest!

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