“Comfort is the great enemy of success.” ~Brian Tracy

In this episode Martin explores the upside and the downside of becoming conditioned.

In any environment over time (humans) become conditioned but it isn’t just the environment that we become conditioned to. We are conditioned to our diets, to the amount of money we earn, to our friendship, professional and social circle. In fact, we are conditioned to our thinking (habituated) about things like how much money we can make, how strong we are, what we are good and bad at (our self-concept), etc.

The relationship between being “conditioned” and habit is hard to avoid and in psychology it’s directly tied to habit formation; think Pavlov’s dog, stimulus and response. It’s difficult to imagine any person who is habituated to a “thing” and not at the same time conditioned to it.

The key is knowing that conditioning (all forms) can serve us as much as harm us— to use the power of conditioning to get stronger— physically, mentally and even emotionally. Therefore it’s essential to continually test new boundaries and trust what was once uncomfortable will become comfortable.

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