“The key is tricking yourself to move quadrant two items to quadrant one when possible.”

This episode Martin revisits Stephen Covey’s classic Effectiveness or Time Management Grid.

Many of us become great at “getting stuff done” (GTD) the only challent is that often it’s NOT the the important stuff that, in the long run, will make us feel content, accomplished and like we’ve lived a life that was worth living.

All too often that “stuff” resides in quadrant one as Dr. Covey points out yet, it’s quadrant #2 as Covey defines it, where things the important but not urgent items are that have the most value to us.

What sort of things can be found in quadrant #2?

-Planning and strategy
-Setting a vision
-Reading to your children
-Long-Term Goals

Martin explores this idea that within his latest book, The Pressure Paradox™ one of the underlying themes was the importance to creating a sense of urgency (pressure) and how a key to being more effective is moving the those long-term goals into quadrant 1.

For instance, the book and even the app as well as goals like the Ironman and catalina classic were all quadrant #2 items. And, it was via the use of The Habit Factor that helped move those key behaviors (habits) into quadrant #1.

Check it out — listen to today’s episode and see if you can’t identify the important quadrant #2 items in your life and make sure you are tracking the important habits that will help you achieve your goals!

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