“There is a HUGE difference between being interested versus being committed to an outcome or goal. For most people, if they are being honest with themselves, they are only interested…”

Martin kicks off this episode with a personal realization and a confession. Realizing that earlier in the prior month he said to himself, “I’m going to run 35 miles this month.”

So, what was the problem?

Well, that was ALL it was… just talk! There was NO PLAN and there was really no action. It was a “nice to have” but certainly not a commitment!

To be committed— truly committed is the first step for goals that are meaningful.

Talking about a goal or even having a vision of achieving a goal is worth very little without backing it up with sincere commitment.

So, how do you know what you have sincere commitment? Easy.

— Is there a PLAN?
— Is there consistent action? Have the core behaviors/habits been identified?
— Are you TRACKING these behaviors? If you are not tracking your progress you are not serious about your goal.
— Be sure to Reassess – your strategy, your results and be flexible in your approach!

“I had no plan, I took limited action and I really wasn’t committed to tracking or even assessing any progress along the way. It was just talk….”

Near the end of the episode Martin shares an old parable about the hen and the pig who decide to open a restaurant together as equal partners. However, the pig objects and for good reason!

Find out why… listen to episode and be sure to share this Mind Bullet Monday.

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