No matter how close you live to big, green spaces, many of your struggles can be traced to how aligned you are with nature. Sparked by a conversation with his teenage daughter Martin and I review some clues that may very well make your life easier.

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Anytime there is frustration and friction in your life it’s important to check and compare how aligned your affairs and thoughts are with the natural world. In this episode, Martin shares some of his observations about nature and just how we might adapt them to our own situation. (12:00):

  1. Patience
  2. Rhythm
  3. Busy, Diligent
  4. Economy & Efficiency
  5. The cycle of life
  6. Change & metamorphosis
  7. Struggle creates strength
  8. Nature is flexible, adapting, and resilient
  9. Everything must flow
  10. Unity
  11. There are many things we cannot control
  12. Balance

This week, we challenge you to take one of these observations and apply it to your life. Track it and see for yourself how effective you can be when you align yourself and your efforts with nature!

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For more on the link between productivity and nature, check out the episode on the Physics of Productivity at

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