Tough question time… are you ready?

Do you think you are pushing yourself hard enough when it comes to your goals?

While most of us would respond with a resounding, “Yes!” There is likely a fair portion of readers/listeners who just might readily admit they have substantial reserves in the tank. In fact, some might even admit to being “pretty comfortable”.

While the idea of a second wind is fairly common, Martin and I explore the possibilities of having a third, fourth, fifth (even an eighth!) wind in this episode Habits 2 Goals.

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No matter how exhausted you might be after a long, brutal day at work, if you were told that you’d just won a million dollars, chances are very good that you’d start dancing, cheering and celebrating! You’d be pretty energized, right?

Where does that energy come from?

Even during exercise there are times when digging a little deeper—finding a way to add another minute, two or five helps you tap into energy reserves you didn’t realize even existed.

Finding your eighth wind—going further than you ever have before is exciting and scary and starts when you challenge your assumptions, biases and any perceived limits you may have unconsciously (habitually) set for yourself .

Use this episode to take inventory of a few core assumptions (stories you’ve told yourself) and simply test them to see what happens next. Enjoy!q

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