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S3-17: FAF – What is the Quickest Way to Happiness?

Today’s topic involves the age-old quest for humans to BE HAPPY! That’s it! “How can I be more happy?” Or as the title of the show suggests, “What’s the quickest way to happiness?”

As you might guess MG and HE have a few thoughts on the matter. Henry starts with a great recount of friend who “wasn’t particularly happy” and gives him an exercise to perform.

MG recounts a semi-related parallel story shared by the late, great Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Then they go off. The list of tips gets long enough for Henry to exclaim, “I think there’s a formula here!”

Give this FAF a listen and let us know if you don’t (or, do) come a way a little happier! ; )

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S02-Frequently Asked Friday 12: What Are The Three Key Daily Habits?

This week’s question comes to us via Quora.com and Martin reads/shares his response to the question and adds a little color commentary along the way.

Consistent to theme, Martin shies away from the idea that there are just 3 Daily habits and redirects the quora.com user toward a better understanding of HABIT (singular).

This way, the user is empowered to craft intentionally the habits that will help them achieve their goals and desires rather than being constrained by 2 or 3 habits that another person might prescribe!

Knowing that the “answer” is about understanding the nature of HABIT is akin to “teaching a man to fish” vs. feeding him a fish.

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QUORA.com Question: https://www.quora.com/If-a-happy-and-successful-life-is-all-about-developing-three-good-daily-habits-what-would-those-three-habits-be/answer/Martin-Grunburg

Focus, Discipline and something called Willpower Math: http://www.thehabitfactor.com/2015/12/focus-discipline-and-something-called-willpower-math/

The Zy Movement Foundation: http://zmf-asia.org



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