“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Mindfulness matters. This is the age of distraction! “Smart” phones, social media, texting, etc., our attention span continue to shrink and yet the demand for our focus and attention (in order to achieve our goals and be more productive) has never been greater!

In this fun episode Henry and MG discuss some of their favorite tips to become more present and mindful. MG starts though with the important idea that BOTH habit and mindfulness (by design) are intended to work together.

The way to cultivate any mindless or subconscious behavior (habit) is often via repetition and practice so it becomes “automatic!” Think, “wax on” “wax off”.

They exchange thoughts on various breathing exercises and MG tells Henry his favorite tip might just be to “tune in” to his senses; smell, touch, sight, sound, etc.

Henry mentions a neat visual, breathing exercise and his intention to be very present and aware with encounters with others.

MG and Henry both discuss the powerful influence water has on mindfulness (books below) and here’s a link to the psychology exercise re: (RAISIN) that Martin mentions! It’s a good one!

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The Hidden Messages in Water


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