The subject of this FAF (Frequently Asked Friday) rolls right out of MG’s GTR, “Good Things Report” which involves his recent visit to Dallas for Russell Brunson’s Funnelhacking live event.

If you’re not familiar, Clickfunnels is a powerful marketing/selling software solution developed to provide business owners (really anyone who sells anything online) an easy to build, and in many cases, a pre-built sales “funnel” ? a tool that drives prospects through a friendly sales process.

However, the question comes up, “What was the BIG takeaway from the 3 day event?” Martin’s response has almost nothing to do with the Clickfunnels software itself!

It’s an inspiring takeaway though and it should fire-up anyone who’s interested in promoting and selling their service/solution and/or products online.

Martin shares that a couple of the speakers at the event who used RB’s Clickfunnels software had sold upwards of $100,000 before they were 15.

One of the key messages from the kids who presented was “Adults just over-think things!”. So, if you’re an entrepreneur or really just about anyone, selling anything online ClickFunnels just might be the perfect fit for you.

This link provides a FREE 14 Day Trial to check it out!

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