“Habit lies at the intersection of knowledge, skill and desire.” ~Dr. Stephen Covey

Martin and Henry discuss a topic that has many of even the top behavioral psychologists in the world have a difficult time addressing, that is, how habit and skill differ.

Think about it, is tying your shoes a skill or a habit? Or, is it both?

Martin argues that rather that trying to explain their differences we ought to put more emphasis on why they are almost the same, fraternal twins so to speak.

This matters because when we do that we can quickly dispel so many of the silly myths around habit development. For instance, that you need a reward to develop a habit or you have to perform the behavior every day or the classic myth, it takes 21 days to develop a habit. Just insert the word “skill” for habit and you can see how silly that becomes. Do you need a “reward” to develop a skill? Or, we know we can learn any skill without practicing/learning it daily. Or, imagine telling anyone you’ll have that skill in 21 days.

So, rather than fully accepting Covey’s theory and statement above, where “Skill” is a requirement for habit development. Martin tweaks it just a little so that skill is not a requirement but rather part of what is developed/created in a similar way as habit.

Habit and skill both require conditioning/strengthening, much like a muscle! Here’s a video explaining P.A.R.R. and HabitStrength? >> Meet BILL

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