Who is to blame when things go wrong?

Yes… this is a Mind Bullet on a Wednesday. (you are not crazy). Martin starts this episode with a bit of a chuckle as the guest for this episode had to reschedule at the last minute leaving him with a Wednesday Mind Bullet (regular listeners know that Wednesdays are reserved for interviews). So this last minute shift in plans creates a learning moment.

In life people will often drop the ball – not follow through, etc. It’s very easy to fall into the blame-game trap. To point fingers and absolve oneself of responsibility.

Martin shares a quick story about a Facebook post from an entrepreneur who was ranting about “people not doing the job right in the first place” and “wasting half my day fixing their mistakes.”

The question is; Who is really responsible? Who is really to blame?

It turns out taking responsibility ends up providing a host of benefits including freedom and ultimately saves us from needlessly wasting energy.

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