Reference Episode for New Listeners to get caught up before Season III

A short episode designed for new listeners. MG recaps some of the most popular episodes — helps any new listener/subscriber get up to speed before season III begins.

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Mindsets & Philosophies:
– MBM02 – Responsibility
– The Physics of Personal Productivity
– Making the Time to Relax
– 7 Reasons Self Help Does Not Suck
– Silence and Concentration
– Success in Common Hours
– MBM 21- “Be Like Water”
– The Eighth Wind

– What does Ben Franklin and a Hindu Priest have in common
– 3 Habit Busting Tips
– What makes  a good habit?
– The Habit of Asking Questions
– How Long Does it Really Take to Develop a Habit
– What is the law of cosmic habit force!

– Why SMART goals aren’t so smart
– Vision: Everything is Created Twice
– Got Leverage
– Persistence is more valuable than
– Super-conscious connectivity
– MBM 18: “Getting to”
– The Eight That Separate

A few Interviews to start with:
– Jon Carder –  Super Entrepreneur
– Eric Kaufmann  (Virtues of Leadership)
– Henry Evans – The Hour A Day Entrepreneur

If you’re new to the show these will give you plenty to chew on until season three kicks off in the not too distant future! ; )