“Life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage.” Anais Nin

If we’re not growing we’re probably slowly dying. Sounds like a painful cliche but there is ample truth to the statement. The root or foundation of growth in personal all development can be traced to what Aristotle deemed the “mother” of all virtues—courage.

We have reviewed courage many times on this podcast. And, it’s important to remember that any virtue is simply a habit long sustained. Nobody is born virtuous and therefore we know that courage habit can be cultivated like any other habit and ultimately become a virtue.

But how and where can we apply Anais’ quote to our lives?

Martin poses questions like this:

If you learned a new skill would that make life expand or contract? Would that take courage?

If you volunteered for a leadership position at work or at a local non-profit would that make life expand or shrink? Would that take courage?

If you set and went after your big, improbably goal? Do you think life would expand? Would that take courage?

So, the question for you to ponder is, “Where (what aspect of your life) can you be more courageous?”

“Courage is the mother of all virtues because without it, you cannot consistently perform the others.” ~Aristotle

Check it out — listen to today’s episode and see how changing your dialogue with yourself changes your attitude and your output!

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