“Creativity takes courage.” ~Henri Matisss

This episode may be the perfect follow-up to last Friday’s Frequently Asked Friday (FAF), “What if I fail?”

With the thought of “failure” comes a lot of resistance that prevents many of us from ever getting started.

Similarly, when a person is considering taking on any creative endeavor, they often will unknowingly seek permission to begin— as though someone is going to grant them that ability.

What happens when you give yourself permission to:

-Take the first step
-Start that company
-Write that book
-Develop that app
-Start that blog
-Fail (at anything), etc.

Martin explores this idea that we (YOU) don’t need permission from anyone to begin your creative project/endeavor NOW and recognizes that had he sought permission to write The Habit Factor® or The Pressure Paradox™ or develop his apps, he could have been waiting a lifetime.

The interesting thing is not only was nobody going to grant him permission but the impact that the book and app have had on thousands of people around the world would have never come to pass.

Check out today’s episode and remove that last bit of resistance to get started today.

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