What is the value of emotion?

How well do you listen to your emotions when it comes to all of your decisions— particularly when “logic” is saying one thing and your gut is saying another.

In today’s episode Martin asks the listener to reflect upon some of their most positive growth experiences and ask if they were “logic-based” decisions or if they followed their gut.

Much of our decision making is done via habit and we’ll even disguise our fear many times as “logic”.

While logic is a powerful gift we should leverage, refine and be grateful for, it can keep us bound, unsure and even afraid at times from taking action.

“If I thought logically about that hike or the Catalina paddle there is no way either of them would’ve happened yet they were both priceless experiences!” 

Martin speculates that great leaps of personal growth are often tied to these emotive decisions where logic was doing its best to steer us in a different direction.

From this episode Martin wants to know…

1) Have you shared the same experience when you’ve gone against “Logic”?

2) What happens if you follow your gut and it’s based upon  EGO instead?

3) Where does that heart-mind, intuitive thought and gut feeling come from?

4) What do you do to strengthen the the heart-mind and gut feeling for larger decisions

5) Can you take a life “inventory” of gut decisions (absent the ego) and see how it’s steered you on a positive path of personal growth?

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