“At the end of the day, I’m in the business of helping as many entrepreneurs as I can. So, if I can reach more people outside of San Diego with the messaging that I have then it’s a win/win all around.” ~Henry Evans

As a VP of a software sales company, Henry Evans found himself,as he describes it, “caught up in the rat race”. When excessive travel finally became too plus the day he realized he was going to miss his daughter’s kindergarten recital it became too much.

Henry believed that if he could just dedicate an hour a day to his other passion pursuits / a new company a new career could evolve.

Since then Henry has gone on to build a successful career and helps (locally) hundreds of San Diego entrepreneurs who drive from near and far to attend his entrepreneur-marketing workshops. 

Recently, Henry started to “live-feed” these meeting to share the lessons to entrepreneurs anywhere in the world eager to learn!

Martin and Henry discuss:
-the birth of Hour a Day Entrepreneur
-Henry’s bestselling book on Amazon, The Hour A Day Entrepreneur: Escape the Rat Race and Achieve Entrepreneurial Freedom With Only One Focused Hour ADay (90% 5 Star reviews!)
– the wise use of time to pave the way to a new career and freedom.HINT: see the MBM prior episode “The Great Eight that Separate”
-Review PARR Methodology
-FREE copy of his Book – Visit: http://www.houradayentrepreneur.com/
– His last meeting focused on Video marketing – best steps to get most out of video for your business
-recommends a couple great examples videos: Poopourrie and dollar shave club
-A recent success story from Henry’s entrepreneur group.The importance of marketing to a niche
-More marketing insights!
-Definition of success
-Some of his best habits
-importance of an accountability partner
-the importance of failure and a great story

“As long as you’re on the journey that to me means you are already a success even if the money and stuff haven’t caught up yet!”



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Henry’s Book list:
The Trickto Money Is Having Some

Think & Grow Rich

The Bible

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