“Don’t just talk about your service, break it down. What kinds of problems will you be solving at the end of the day? Can you start to give away answers so people can test drive how you think and how you solve a problem?”

According to Jeremy Pound, his journey to becoming co-founder of JuicyResults, as well as a well-known creative entrepreneur within the South Florida community, is easily traced to his enrollment (as a high school sophomore) in a brand-new Art magnet school that opened in a nearby neighborhood.

“I went from being very disinterested in school to all of a sudden…WOW!”

Jeremy credits much of his current success to his incredible teachers and the environment that fostered his current “I can do anything” mentality.

Today, Jeremy is a sought-after Internet marketing strategist; he helps clients who typically have annual revenues between $1 million and $10 million and employs a dedicated sales staff.

In this episode, Jeremy discusses:

  • His earlier rock star dreams
  • What his grunge band taught him about dreaming big and achieving goals
  • His first entrepreneurial lesson
  • The significance of intentionality, belief and vision
  • Essential Internet Marketing Strategies
  • Why companies should focus on very specific search queries and terms
  • What most small businesses do when it comes to search keywords and why it’s not necessarily best
  • The importance of crafting solutions to the query vs. talking about your company or service
  • Why educating your prospect is among the most successful strategies
  • The essence of Google and the search query
  • How he defines “success”
  • His most important habits
  • How to get a little better every day
  • His use of triggers for habit development
  • How relationships set off certain triggers and habits
  • And so much more!

“The bigger the problem, the earlier in the morning I’ll get up!”

Jeremy Pound is the co-founder and CEO of JuicyResults, a South Florida-based Internet marketing agency. In the last decade Jeremy has helped craft and implement online marketing strategies for countless companies, ranging in size from the smallest of businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Today, he works closely with sales teams to generate ready-to-buy leads using an array of Internet marketing strategies.

He writes and speaks regularly on how businesses can best take advantage of the web and is the author of The Bootstrapper’s Guide to SEO. Jeremy is also the host of the New Customer Machine podcast, where he interviews experts and entrepreneurs about how to turn strangers into customers at scale.



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Man’s Search For Meaning (Amazing book!) Viktor Frankl

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