“If we’re focused, confident and relaxed we have a much better opportunity to execute what we want…”

“We know that our behaviors and our habits lead to our results…”

A former pro golfer, Rick earned his doctorate in Applied Sports Psychology. He is the author of Golf: The Ultimate Mind Game and is former editor of Golf Tips magazine.

A high school football injury directed Rick toward the sport of golf, and what he’s learned since has truly been life-altering.

In a competitive playoff for the right to join his college golf team as a walk-on, as he describes it, he “choked” under pressure. It was that “failure” that became a formative life experience and sent Rick toward the study of peak performance strategies.

Today Rick is a sought-after peak-performance coach who trains aspiring professionals and helps corporate executives apply his many strategies and insights on peak performance, leadership and teamwork.

In this episode, Rick shares:

  • How to re-write your story to serve your ambitions
  • Physiological influences of performance
  • Why and how love (passion) is a critical component for peak performance
  • His strategy for the golf-course “workshop” with executive teams!
  • How his workshop reveals so much about decision making, leadership and communication
  • How he applies The Habit Factor in his training to carry his clients beyond just the mental game, and how that was a breakthrough
  • How he defines “success”
  • How appreciating your life’s “roles” helps you create greater attention and mindfulness
  • How to get a little better every day
  • And, so much more…

“It’s the exercise and the process behind it — how did they come to the decisions as a team and what happens when someone played poorly? Did they react and judge them?”

Why could I not perform under the pressure, when it mattered most. Yet, when I put some of those mental and emotional skills and trained them, I was able to perform at a high level afterwards…”

“I’m a BIG believer that leadership starts with the individual, not with the team. You have to be able to lead yourself first before you can lead anyone else.”



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Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins
Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself Dr. Joe Dispenza
Coherence Alan Watkins


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