“Companies see that there is so much value that comes from doing good in the community and it adds so much business value as well.” 

“And I realized that through my many zigs and the zags I picked up experiences that really helped me to grow as a consultant.” ~Frank Scarpaci

Frank Scarpaci, a sought-after B corp and corporate social responsibility consultant, reviews a vast array of benefits related to becoming a “B” corporation (short for a “Benefit” corporation), a new type of corporation that puts social, community and environmental causes and stakeholders at equal value with corporate profits.

Today, certified “B” corps span 47 countries and more than 130 industries and encompasses a growing community of more than 1,600 businesses!

In this episode, Frank recounts his unique experience and the journey that led to him to becoming a leader in the space and a well-known consultant for aspiring businesses looking to become B corp certified.

Frank shares many smart insights in this episode, including:

  • How the B corp came about
  • The TOP well-known brands/companies that are B corps
  • How he came to be recognized by AMEX as one of only 150 employees (out of 85,000) as a team member who embodied their “Good Citizenship” Value
  • How to FIND A JOB with a B Corp
  • How to take the “B Impact Assessment” for your existing company
  • Why it’s important to share the good that you and your company provide for your community
  • For business owners: Be sure to share and talk about the causes that matter to you and your company!
  • Great places to work — a ranking of great companies to work for as well as other resources
  • How to check up on non-profits you are interested in and look under the hood
  • Frank’s best habits, favorite books and how he defines “success”

“We are in a perfect time where we are seeing this shift in the business community to start taking a look at a lot of these challenges…”


Frank has more than 30 years experience with corporate social responsibility, strategic planning, meeting facilitation, and event management experience and helps companies connect their business success to social good.

Frank is a passionate advocate for the growing B Corp movement— simply a better way to do business. Frank’s company, VIANOVA, was one of the first companies to earn B Corp certification in 2008.


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