“How can emotions (positive or negative) help you develop habits to bring success in your endeavors?

This episode starts with Martin addressing the negative relationship first; illustrating how the emotion of ANGER often triggers all sorts of habitual behaviors.

In fact, a great Epictetus quote notes this: “Whenever you are angry, be assured that it is not only a present evil, but that you have increased a habit.”

When you consider how you might react when you are really angry you may even be able to trace much of your behavior back to your parents and how they reacted when they were angry

When it comes to “success” and our goals the beauty is that the inverse is true as well. Channeled positively and intentionally our emotions can guide our behaviors and habits. Martin shares how for example, the REGRET emotion was the “birthplace” for The Habit Factor (book, app, podcast, etc— all produced via behaviors/habits guided by emotion.

By asking himself, “What would I most regret not achieving or experiencing if I died tomorrow?”

That question conjured all sorts of emotions that helped to produce clarity of purpose and direction which led to his first big goal, the Catalina Classic paddle board race— a 32 mile open ocean paddle from Catalina island to Manhattan pier.

A key is knowing that we actually have the power to select, guide and craft our emotions to serve and drive our most important goals.

In fact, we can even choose our emotions throughout the day to reinforce the important behaviors/habits we’re trying to forge to improve our character!

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