“It’s crazy… so many habit apps allow you to track bad habits. Please, please, do not ever track BAD HABITS you’re just putting attention and focus on what you do NOT want!”

“To eliminate a bad habit replace it with a good one.”

Martin begins this episode by sharing how the environment is the first line of defense (or maybe even offense) when trying to kill a BAD Habit. Modifying your environment helps you to remove the common triggers and allows you to create impediments to executing the behavior you are trying to avoid.

Next, Martin shares a famous quote by a Dutch Renaissance Theologian, Desiderius Erasmus who said, “A nail is driven out by a nail, habit is replaced by a habit.” Replacement is the key to elimination, NOT just removing the bad behavior… “that creates a vacuum!”

Finally, the listener is encouraged to revisit a prior episode “3 Bad Habit Busting Tips” and in that episode— as here, Martin revisits the “3 Ments” when it comes to killing a bad habit; environment, replacement and finally experiment.

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