“In life, goals are not optional.” #thehabitfactor

“The first thing goals do is give you direction. Direction provides a sense of purpose, and purpose leads to funny things like happiness and contentment.”

This show kicks off with Martin sharing a story about a woman who approached him after a workshop simply to say, “Thank you! I used to HATE the idea of goals!” She was frustrated! She really disliked the thought of goals because it reminded her of a nagging husband who insisted she set some goals that included “losing weight.”

This lady was so relieved to learn that by using The Habit Factor process, she could place her attention and focus on just a few, recurring behaviors (habits) instead of the goal itself.

Then, Martin reviews The Habit Factor’s P.A.R.R. methodology and how it stacks up against the popularized Cue, Routine, Reward method. He shares how the P.A.R.R. methodology is forward looking while Cue Routine Reward is  oriented toward assessing previous behaviors. Cue, Routine, Reward doesn’t take into account simple and critical components of habit building, such as Recording (tracking), Reassessment, or, really, a defined process for planning.

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