“All men’s natures are alike — it’s their habits that carry them far apart.” ~Confucius

“It makes no small difference to be habituated this way or that way from childhood; rather, it makes ALL the difference.” ~Aristotle

This show kicks off with Martin suggesting that this should have been the very first Frequently Asked Friday episode. Then he shares how it’s nearly impossible to truly encapsulate ALL there is to understand about The Habit Factor in just a few minutes.

Martin reviews the foundation and the philosophy upon which The Habit Factor is built. He discusses how so many of the great minds throughout history, such as Aristotle, Confucius and even Benjamin Franklin, have arrived at a very similar conclusion regarding HABIT.

Martin then shares an important “discovery” from Think & Grow Rich. In fact, it’s something that was left out of Think & Grow Rich: The Law of Cosmic Habit Force (prior episode -link)

Then he touches on an important idea about goal achievement and “success” that, according to so many “experts,” is heavily influenced by our subconscious mind.

Where do your habits reside?

Finally, Martin explains one of the most powerful facets of The Habit Factor: Powerful philosophy aside, it provides users a proven, step-by-step process to help anyone achieve their goals much more quickly. 

Check out this short episode now and discover the insights that have shifted an entire industry…


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