After searching for nearly 20 years Napoleon Hill finally declares he’s discovered the missing link— the secret that he unintentionally left out of his bestselling classic, “Think & Grow Rich”.

It appears that The Law of Cosmic Habit Force is only something Napoleon Hill could have discovered after writing Think & Grow Rich and hearing from many that, “it didn’t work” and wasn’t making them rich.

A distraught Napoleon was confounded as he heard this sort of feedback repeatedly. Even though it worked for many, his 16 principles fell short for a number of other readers.

“WHAT was missing!?”

Well, Mr. Hill pondered that question long and hard, and, as he explained it, he found himself meditating upon this “missing link” FOR ANOTHER 20 YEARS!

So, what was missing!?

Well, it’s almost unfair to tell you/share it ; ). Consider that Napoleon Hill spent 20 years of his life formulating this success philosophy and authoring Think & Grow Rich, then another 20 years trying to figure out what the “MISSING LINK” was (those are HIS words) —40 Years total!

This may be too BIG a topic for a short Mind-Bullet Monday but Martin does his best to shed light on this mystery in about 12 minutes and encourages those who want to learn and understand more to check out blog and / or the book. An article/post specifically about it is linked here and below.

When completely understood there may be nothing more powerful and impactful to one’s life. Check it out now and learn about Hill’s unbelievable insight in this Mind Bullet Monday!


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The Science of Personal Achievement: Follow in the Footsteps of the Giants of Success  (Amazon)
Note: In this program he adds the 17th principle— the Law of Cosmic Habit Force (not in Think & Grow Rich)

YOUTUBE VIDEO – Napoleon Hill Describing The Law of Cosmic Habit Force – watch and listen 3 x!

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