“Intention is one of those things that can go either way— you can have negative intention or you can have positive intention and that means you are in alignment… ”

“It’s all about how YOU respond to them…”  ~Coach Rich Phillips

Coach Rich Phillips is a Former Head Show Trainer at SeaWorld, a Bestselling Author. Speaker & Business Coach

Regardless of where you may stand on the current controversy regarding killer whales in captivity, you’re asked to suspend your judgement (for now) and simply listen to Coach Rich’s incredible journey. In fact, should their captivity come to an end, it would make his undeniably unique experience even more special—including the amazing lessons he’s learned from training and riding these unique, intelligent and powerful creatures.

In this episode Martin & Rich discuss:

  • His crazy story — how a wrong number started it all
  • His evolution (and hazing) via a “Fishhouse”
  • The first time he slides into the tank as a backup trainer with the 14,000 lb creature
  • The value and types of operant conditioning he learned
  • “Chances are good that if you can communicate with a killer whale you can communicate with a difficult employee”
  • “Then, there was the ‘Oh, by the way, we’re going to have you ride the whale'” moment…
  • How he learned from a young age to change his “style” to address and communicate with an abused horse
  • The importance of taking responsibility of what you CAN control in the relationship
  • The time he was held under for about 3 minutes and what he learned from the experience
  • & so much more!

“I don’t know about you but I know of nobody (other than Coach Rich) whose ridden on the back of a killer whale”
~Martin Grunburg

Coach Rich Phillips is known as the “accountability coach” and he provides business leaders insights and strategies for growth. You can learn more at Coach Rich Phillips Website


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