“I joke often that I know a lot about happiness because I’ve experienced a lot of unhappiness first.”  ~R. Michael Anderson

Bestselling Author. Speaker. Founder of Executive Joy Institute.
• We teach competitive driven people how to lead happier lives
• “Things” looked great from the outside: Partying at the Playboy mansion, etc., but missing meaning and fulfillment
• Michael opens up about his personal journey where competitive drive and winning doesn’t always equate to personal satisfaction
• GTR: Share inspiring story about sponsoring young lady from orphanage – a recent visit to celebrate high school graduation
• Touches on a story of GRIT and perseverance
• Avoiding “victim” mindset
• The path to learning about joy and happiness
• His massive TURNING point! –
• A few tips and tools to experience happiness and joy DAILY

Find Michael’s “Complete Journal” mentioned on the show here:  http://tiny.cc/complete-me

“Leaders tend to give so much to other people yet often have chaotic inner lives”  ~R. Michael Anderson

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Find Michael’s “Complete Journal” mentioned on the show here:

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