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S3-25: John Lingham: A Recipe for Success (and Pancakes)

“Lying in that hospital bed… I did a lot of soul searching…if I’m dying, am I the man I wanted to be?” ~John Lingham

Few people truly represent the American dream like John Lingham: Paying his own way through college while working as a busboy, and then ultimately becoming the owner of not one, but two restaurants. Today John Lingham has approximately 100 employees and is recognized throughout his community for his charitable giving.

The lessons John shares are many and the road hasn’t been easy, but John continued to seek and learn, adapt and overcome, despite the many difficulties.

John then takes us inside a recent health scare/medical emergency he experienced as a side effect of medication for a skin rash. The experience left him helpless, with a white blood cell count of zero. He would spend 10 days tied to an IV that was keeping him alive. While the experience nearly killed him, he also shares how it provided many amazing insights about himself and the life he wants to live going forward.

MG and John then talk about his years of philanthropy and experience contributing to BAM (Build a Miracle) and Big Brothers Big Sisters. BAM provides homes for qualified residents south of the border. These brand-new homes include plumbing and electricity and prove to be complete game-changers for the entire family, providing not only a roof, but the dignity and self-respect to shoot for new and bigger goals!

Check out this fun and powerful episode and let John’s journey (and many lessons) inspire you!

Talk about getting out of your comfort zone!!!


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Orison Swett Marden – The Miracle of Right Thought

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Audible.com – JOHN’s number one resource and app.. As a perpetual and great student of personal development, we can ALL learn from his appetite for learning and books.

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BAM – Build a Miracle! Check it out and see how you can get involved!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America – quality one-to-one mentoring for over 100 years! Nobody does it better or is more respected when it comes to mentoring!

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S02-Mind Bullet Monday 05: Humans Are Justifying Creatures

“Humans are justifying creatures… we’ll craft a story and then we’ll dig-in and get behind it. The exercise is, I think, to challenge our story recognizing that is our nature.”

While many people may be naturally gifted when it comes to interpersonal skills, others struggle in the area and it often holds them back and expends a lot of time and energy.

What most people fail to recognize is that arguments are often rooted in the simple truth that nobody wants to be thought of as stupid or dumb and therefore will do whatever they can to position themselves as “right” and justify their actions, no matter what they might have been.

Consider this truth and how it might be useful when understanding and relating to friends, family and others better— to help avoid unnecessary arguments.

Whether it’s as mundane as not doing the dishes or as horrible as murder one tends to justify their actions. And, it’s important to note that people will as fiercely defend their non-actions as their their actions!

“People will either show you their results or they will show you their excuses.”

Martin asks listeners to examine various aspects of their lives, analyze those results and simply ask, “What am I justifying?”

Check it out now… hear all about it n this Mind Bullet Monday!


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