Many of the greatest thinkers and philosophers throughout history believed that ideas are “alive” and readily available in some sort of universal space which is often referred to as “infinite intelligence” or the Super-Conscious.

Whatever you want to call it, chances are it exists! Emerson once noted, “There is a power above and behind us and we are the channel of its communication.”

 There is a power above and behind us and we are the channel of its communication. —EMERSON

The best part is this “resource” isn’t relegated to the super genius or the super-creative… it’s available to everyone…all you have to do is connect to it!

Perhaps you’ve wondered how Leonardo da Vinci could draw a helicopter centuries before one existed or how Edison had the insight for the lightbulb or Ford the carburetor or… and, on and on it goes.

Even Albert Einstein once noted, “There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why.”


To draw upon this innate creative intelligence that we all have Martin and I review a “system” that he credited helped to reveal many of the insights in The Habit Factor and now his upcoming book, The Pressure Paradox. The process is just an ordered formula or recipe he calls the “Ates”.

1. Elucidate

Start by defining the end state.. the problem and the ideal solution. Try to get crystal clear on the underlying problem and this will help to provide some associations and connections you may have not otherwise made.

2. Investigate

Once defined… RESEARCH! Feed your conscious and subconscious mind with the problem and all available information you can find about it and possible solutions. What’s been written and thought about it already. With the search engines of today, research has never been easier!

3. Marinate or (accelerate if you must)

The next step is to allow the problem and all the related information you have come across in your research to really sink in.  Think about the idea often and just let the idea marinate for while. You can accelerate the process through a brainstorming session with others. Sometimes, depending on the urgency of the matter, a person might marinate on a subject for years.

4. Emancipate

As you marinate, set the problem free…. go for a jog, surf, take a walk hit the gym. Just get away from the problem that you are trying to solve. This allows you subconscious mind to take over the process and make the connections and associations–the leap as Einstein called it that you can not make consciously.

5. Congregate

After releasing your problem, the insights will start to arrive. Now is the time to corral them, and pair them up and ORGANIZE all the new ideas with the research and the original problem statement and see how your new solution fits.

This super conscious connectivity may seem mysterious at first, but when you start following this process you will see better and faster results on a consistent basis. Much like any exercise and like a muscle continued use will strengthen the skill. Start to identify opportunities in your life where you need an innovative solutions. Make super conscious connectivity a habit you practice.



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