“Silence is the source of great strength.”

Talk, Talk, Talk.

Speaking for the most part is easy. Particularly about things we are GOING to do. However, doing them and the work they entail is hard.

Which do you choose?

While today’s topic has been touched upon? from various angles in prior seasons: In Season I it was SILENCE and CONCENTRATION and how silence is the source of GREAT strength and wisdom! Then, in season II’s FAF, MG addresses the question, “Should we announce our goals?

Today’s episode though is really inspired by Ryan Holiday’s latest book, “Ego is the Enemy“. A fantastic book where he’s devotes an entire chapter entitled, Talk, Talk, Talk to this idea that so many of us succubm to the easy? the idle, valueless, chatter.

How easy is it to post on twitter, “I’ve just signed up for my first marathon!” Versus, the challenge to actually sign-up and NOT post anything. Instead, to get busy training and save the big announcement for when the work is done and the goal is accomplished.

There is power in silence! And, here is some of the science that proves you should NOT talk about your goal (video below).

How easy it is to jump into the latest conversation on Facebook and express our opinions and share HOW this should be or that should or could be different or better! How hard it is to get busy working on and producing those solutions, creating value.

Which do you choose? Which creates VALUE and opportunity? Which one do you think supports goal achievement?

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