“It begins with making sure your audience knows WHY they should care in the first place.” ~Fia Fasbinder

It appears as though Fia’s entire career was leading her towards her current vocation, a professional speaking coach.

After years in New York working as a trained actor she began working with the 52nd street playhouse which taught arts, dance and theater to inner-city youth in Harlem. Then, with her masters she began teaching at UCSD and was asked to help develop their public speaking curriculum.

Today, Fia is a regular columnist for Inc. magazine online and she runs her company, The Moxie Institute which is a powerful resource for businesses and executives looking to become better speakers.

In this episode Fia recounts her natural progression to her current career and covers all those natural challenges most speakers share, including how evolution has us wired to naturally fear public speaking. Then of course, Fia shares some great tips about how we can address and overcome those fears.

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Talk about getting out of your comfort zone!!!


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