“I was just doing it for myself. I was coming out of a break up and I had just quit my job and I was in a place of pain… it was a broken-hearted pain and a lost pain… I didn’t know what I was doing…”

If you know a young man ages 20- 45ish… Andrew Ferebee is the guy he should know and Knowledge For Men is the blog and podcast he should subscribe to!

That “pain” was the impetus that launched Knowledge For Men. Andrew Ferebee was grappling with extreme personal challenges and at the age of twenty-four began his blog as a way to help him sort out his issues, vent, pose some big life questions and at the same time share his journey.

Andrew became an avid personal development student, devouring hundreds of self help books, going to events and as he wrote about and shared what he learned his blog grew rapidly in popularity! Less than a year into his endeavor he had 700,000 views per month and recognized his struggle was resonating with thousands of young men around the world.

Today, his podcast, Knowledge For Men has over 2.4 Million downloads.

In this “in the studio”, in-person interview Martin and Andrew’s cover:

-The struggle, pain and confusion that launched the blog and podcast
-How he felt “lost” without purpose and direction
-How KFM was not about a business but about him sorting through his challenges
-His constant push and challenge to keep growing and push outside the comfort zone – example his weekend event that just wrapped up!
-What success is— how he defines it
– Why action is so important
– The perfect thing to say to the opposite sex and in even in public environments
– Three powerful and important habits he’s developed
– Some of his favorite/transformational books (below)

“I buy books like candy… I go into Amazon and I’m like a kid in a candy store…”

“If I didn’t hit my goal I would still count myself as a success because I still did it and the next time I do it I will be that much better.”

“I can learn whatever I need to learn to get where ever I want to get… that is what dating taught me and that is what a lot of these personal development books taught me.”

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Andrew’s Books:

The Dating Playbook A proven 7 Step System to go from single to the woman of your dreams

The Breakup Manual For Men:  How to recover from a serious breakup, become stronger and get back into life

The Porn Pandemic – A simple guide to understanding and ending pornography addiction for men

Book’s recommended by Andrew

Courage: The Joy Of Living Dangerously— OSHO

50th Law– Robert Greene and Fifty — Cent

Awaken The Giant Within — Tony Robbins

His favorite apps/tech tools

Asana.com + Dropbox.com

Upwork for short term projects


The Habit Factor app

The Habit Factor template

The Habit Factor book

Big Brothers Big Sisters