Quitting is one of the easiest things to do. Hence, most people quit when the going gets tough. It’s the rare person that forges ahead on not much more than faith and adapts and persists and then adapts some more. Hence, “success” seems rare.

Unfortunately, it seems to be popular lately to encourage quitting, as though it was a virtue.

In this episode Martin takes a different tact and recommends forging on… almost always, despite setbacks and using them to become more resourceful and adaptive.

Having said all that, there are indeed times to quit. But here’s a key distinction; it’s typically when you’ve had various successes already and you know what a real failure looks like because you’ve experienced it.

Recall that it’s good judgement that comes from experience and experience that comes from bad judgement. So, there’s great benefit to the continued pursuit of one’s ideal outcome; character is forged, creativity is enhanced and resourcefulness grows despite the odds.

Often the data that we’re observing may not be entirely accurate or, it may be skewed— magnified by our poor self talk.

Those who succeed seem to press through the desire to quit; to carefully manipulate the information they pay attention to and magnify even the smallest victories.

So, when should you quit? There’s a short checklist here…

Check out this slightly extended FAF episode… (Plus, notice of brief hiatus. No new episodes the first week of July. Please download and revisit some of the oldies! ; )

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