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Sometimes the best inspiration for unlocking the secrets to a more productive and fulfilling life can be found in nature. Join Martin and I as we share a new perspective on habit development and how to reverse engineer your goals.

Brian Tracy likes to use the metaphor of a “Time Factory” and remind us that no matter how poorly we may have used our time yesterday, last week or even last year… tomorrow each of us will receive twenty-four fresh, new hours delivered to our doorstep.

Here’s the catch; what good are the twenty-four hours if you are not physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually well?

So, we decide to take the “Time Factory” metaphor just a step further and we imagine instead that we all have an “Energy Factory”.

How will you design the widgets and the cogs in your energy factor? What do you want them to produce?

Knowing that to enjoy a life well lived we should be designing the widgets and cogs in our factory to produce results in the following major seven wellness areas:

  1. Mind
  2. Body
  3. Social
  4. Spiritual
  5. Financial
  6. Lifestyle
  7. Professional

Just focus on one wellness category and ask yourself what should the factory’s output look like tomorrow, next week, or maybe even at the end of the year?

YOU get to build out your factory and all of its machinery… just determine what kind of cogs and widgets will produce the results you are looking for. It’s YOUR factory!

Once the widget (habit) is in place and working… you can design the next widget. Enjoy!

“What’s a man without energy? Nothing. Nothing at all.” – Mark Twain  



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