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S02-Frequently Asked Friday 20: Why Is Tracking Important?

“What gets measured gets done!”

A great question and now after about thirteen years of tracking important behaviors/habits Martin shares that it’s almost impossible to imagine achieving any goal without tracking those behaviors/habits that align with his goals.

Martin sets the table be recounting how and where tracking first entered and influenced most of our lives; school! The teacher tracked our attendance and our grades. Why? So we would know (in real time) whether we were progressing or not. Then he touches on a quick anecdote about a great camp director on Catalina who used to warn that kids that the counselors were tracking their BMs (seriously).

Then Martin shares how tracking behaviors or habits is time-tested and proven process to achieve goals and once again cites and refers listeners to a prior, “Be Like Ben” Mind Bullet Monday episode #11!

So, if you haven’t experienced and dedicated yourself to tracking (for a period of 28 days) please check out the P.A.R.R. methodology for habit development that underscores the importance and the best way to track.

Here’s a quick/short video to illustrate!

To further illustrate the importance, consider watching a basketball game where there was no scoreboard. How would you feel about that? How would the players feel? How focused would the players be? How committed to winning would the players be? Could you tell who was winning or losing?

Absurd, right?

Yet, we dare go through our lives NOT tracking what is important to us? Do you know if you’re winning or losing? How committed to the outcome can you really be? As though, a basketball, football or pick your sport is more important than your own goals and ambitions!

Martin further shares that nobody, ever, has emailed or commented to him to say that P.A.R.R. doesn’t work. That is because the only way it doesn’t work is if the person doesn’t follow through.

Once they Plan, Act, Record and Reassess they begin to develop the essential habits that will lead them to their goal!

To wrap things up Martin shares that perhaps the greatest tracker and goal achiever he knows is a man named Jack Daly — a friend and mentor. (http://www.jackdaly.net) And, how Jack is a tremendous inspiration who shares his quarterly tracking stats that include things like; bicycle miles per month, wine drinking days, nights at home, nights on the road (for work), miles run, miles flown, etc.

This is a can’t miss FAF episode if you’ve ever wondered about the significance of tracking your behaviors and to inspire you to start TODAY in order to help you reach your most important goals!

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S02-Mind Bullet Monday 20: Choose Growth!

“In times of change the learners inherit the earth while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” Eric Hoffer

It seems we all know a few people who decided that learning should cease when with their schooling. Unfortunately, these people tend to be same ones who are unhappy and discontent with themselves and their lives.

It’s important to ask ourselves, “Is growth and learning a habit that I’ve incorporated into my life?”

That is, do you routinely set aside time to learn new subjects and skills; to broaden your mind, to read and explore new and different environments daily.

Better yet, do you track your learning process— the development of any new skill or habit. If not, you ought to consider it since greats like Benjamin Franklin did this regularly (see Be Like Ben episode)

So, whether it’s tracking your attempt to become better in your vocation, learning a new skill or reading spiritual texts, the key idea is making your continued growth intentional and a habit.

Reminder: Using The Habit Factor’s P.A.R.R. methodology, it’s simple to Plan, Act, Record and Reassess your effort. Or, you can use the free tracking template or app.

This helps to ensure your growth is also focused upon the core, four areas; mind, body, spirit and social.

Sidenote: Martin references a Youtube video he saw recently (Rabbi video) where a Rabbi shares that the impetus (as he learns it) for the lobster to grow is discomfort. The lobster then discards its old shell and this is what allows the lobster to grow.

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Rabbi & Lobster Growth Video

Brian Tracy  The Psychology of Achievement.

Napoleon Hill The Science of Personal Achievement

Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

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