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S3-37: Eric Berman:
Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

“If you’re listening to this… I want you to try this for twenty-four hours. Think about every situation, and say to yourself, ‘I am responsible.’ If you don’t do that you’ll stagnate and never get ahead.” ~Eric Berman

A varied and enviable background, EB has been a bachelor on the hit reality show Millionaire Matchmaker. He’s stood in the winner’s circle multiple times at Del Mar as part of the winning horse’s ownership group. He’s part owner in multiple popular restaurants throughout San Diego, and perhaps best of all (at least according to MG), he is long-term business partners with the personal development legend Brian Tracy.

EB begins the show sharing how some early career success with a Facebook-like company (collegeclub.com) in the ’90s goes terribly sideways as it collides head first into the exploding dot-com disaster of the late ’90s.

As “guy #3” in the fast-growing company, he was close to all the action when his company failed to qualify for a bridge loan amid the market collapse; before long they had to lay off 200+ employees and ultimately file bankruptcy.

EB shares how he adapted, took stock of what he did have, and kept moving. Not too much later a family friend connected him with Brian Tracy, and Eric shares his secret offer and strategy that makes his sales pitch a true no-brainer!

MG asks EB for his very best personal development /success tip after working so closely with BT for fifteen-plus years, and it comes down to just THREE WORDS! (minute 38:00)

Enjoy the show!


EB’s company: Brandetize

Brandetize Power Workshop for Content Creators


Resources mentioned in the show:


Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy

Scaling UP! Verne Harnish

Something For Nothing by Brian Tracy

WEbsites and Tools mentioned:


Small Improvements.com



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S02-Mind Bullet Wed 21: Go Fast or Go Far?

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.” ~African Proverb

Touching on a theme from a prior episode in season one, Teamwork Makes the Dream Work, Martin shares a couple #MBM worthy quotes, to help underscore the importance of working together.

Citing how geese will fly up to 70% further when they fly as a group in their “V” formation, the analogy isn’t to be lost when it comes to us, attempting to reach our own goals.

The geese will even share leadership and responsibility which allows the other geese (particularly those who’ve worked the hardest) the ability to go to the back, draft, and conserve energy and refresh.

The idea here is to reflect upon your life goals, identify the team you are building and working with and see if you can’t learn from and model the success formula of the geese —teamwork!

And the geese in the back of the formation have an important role too, honking the loudest and cheering the lead geese on who are working the hardest!

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Coach Rich Phillips, Riding Killer Whales: Insights About Leadership, Teamwork & Communication

“Intention is one of those things that can go either way— you can have negative intention or you can have positive intention and that means you are in alignment… ”

“It’s all about how YOU respond to them…”  ~Coach Rich Phillips

Coach Rich Phillips is a Former Head Show Trainer at SeaWorld, a Bestselling Author. Speaker & Business Coach

Regardless of where you may stand on the current controversy regarding killer whales in captivity, you’re asked to suspend your judgement (for now) and simply listen to Coach Rich’s incredible journey. In fact, should their captivity come to an end, it would make his undeniably unique experience even more special—including the amazing lessons he’s learned from training and riding these unique, intelligent and powerful creatures.

In this episode Martin & Rich discuss:

  • His crazy story — how a wrong number started it all
  • His evolution (and hazing) via a “Fishhouse”
  • The first time he slides into the tank as a backup trainer with the 14,000 lb creature
  • The value and types of operant conditioning he learned
  • “Chances are good that if you can communicate with a killer whale you can communicate with a difficult employee”
  • “Then, there was the ‘Oh, by the way, we’re going to have you ride the whale'” moment…
  • How he learned from a young age to change his “style” to address and communicate with an abused horse
  • The importance of taking responsibility of what you CAN control in the relationship
  • The time he was held under for about 3 minutes and what he learned from the experience
  • & so much more!

“I don’t know about you but I know of nobody (other than Coach Rich) whose ridden on the back of a killer whale”
~Martin Grunburg

Coach Rich Phillips is known as the “accountability coach” and he provides business leaders insights and strategies for growth. You can learn more at Coach Rich Phillips Website


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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” ~African Proverb

There are very few things in the world more powerful than that of a strong TEAM— a group of individuals committed  to a clear, common goal.


While it’s tempting to be a “one-man band” or an “efficiency machine” ultimately, one person can never keep up with the long term value that a TEAM provides.  Join Martin and I as we discuss what makes a good team, what can destroy a team and important strategies for building your own dream team.

According to the late, great Dr. Stephen Covey, (author, businessman, and speaker)  there are three stages of maturity; dependence, independence and ultimately, inter-dependance (the highest stage).

Unfortunately, most individuals believe that independence is the pinnacle of maturity.  It isn’t.

[Tweet ““The strength of the team is in each member and the strength of each member is in the team.” “]

For the wise (you), the end-game is INTER-DEPENDENCE. Ultimately, you should strive to move past the “me vs. we” mentality and build bridges.
Core traits and qualities to look for in a solid team:

  1. Harmony
  2. Vision and alignment
  3. Shared values
  4. Strong leader

And, much more… join us now to check it out ; )



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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – John Maxwell 

Stephen Covey

The Hangover wolf pack speech

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