“My goals are posted on my website for the world to see, JackDaly.net”

At 59, Jack Daly did his first Ironman Triathlon! Today’s he’s closing in on 100 marathons and has the goal to complete one on every continent! When Martin catches up with him in this H2G interview he’s preparing to go compete at the USA Triathlon “nationals”.

Jack wasn’t always an athlete and that’s at least one of the many lessons in this entertaining and educational episode. Jack Daly has an extensive list of “Bucket List experiences” an MBA and his sales expertise makes him a sought after speaker and consultant.

Although Jack’s real specialty (as far as Martin is concerned) is his philosophy of “lifestyle by design” and throughout the episode you will learn the important lessons and mindsets, tools and tactics that helped him craft his unique and inspiring life. Yes, YOU GUESSED IT, it comes down to his HABITS and GOALS! ; )


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