“Even though I had a background in exercise physiology and psychology and nutrition I was still struggling with creating my own healthy habits and I was diagnosed at a young age with panic disorder and depression. ”  ~Heidi Hanna Ph.D.

Bestselling Author. Speaker. Founder Synergy Programs

In this episode Heidi and Martin cover:

  • What is energy, how to conserve, manage and recharge
  • The FOUR types of energy• Touches on a story of GRIT and perseverance
  • GTR: She’s committed to making a change in her life and is intentional about traveling less to improve her personal life!
  • The important difference between the brain and the mind
  • What is heart “math” and heart rate variability
  • What is more important than time?
  • How we are wired for negativity bias
  • Various ways to optimize and manage our energy best throughout the day
    • the FIVE “M’s”
  • And more tips to experience improved energy throughout the day and WHY it’s so important!

Synergy Programs offers a variety of programming targeted to make brains better though a series of initiatives including keynotes and lectures, full day workshops, corporate retreats, and fully integrated corporate wellness solutions ranging from a few months to several years in scope.

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“There’s an important alignment between the brain and the heart”  ~Heidi Hanna, Ph.D.


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