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S02-Mind Bullet Monday 18: “Getting To!”

“As long as you are above ground, these are ALL things you ‘Get to do!'”

How we talk to ourselves determines a vast majority of what we do and do not do.

The language that we use often creates resistance. So, then what happens? Well, we know what we need to do but still don’t do it.

What are the chances that some of that resistance is simply tied to the language that we use?

In this episode Martin begins by asking you to imagine you both work at the same company and he get to “tell you what you have to do”. Doesn’t sound too pleasant does it?

Yet, many of use will go through each day saying that exact statement to ourselves, things like; “I have to pay my bills”. “I have to go to the gym.” “I have to get the car washed.” “I have to go to school” etc.

A subtle and significant shift takes place when we revisit our language and change the way we talk to ourselves. Simply saying, “I get to pay my bills.” “I get to go to the gym” etc. will reduced our reluctance to do them!

What are you telling yourself “you have to do” and how easily can you make that shift?

Check it out — listen to today’s episode and see how changing your dialogue with yourself changes your attitude and your output!

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Brian Tracy  The Psychology of Achievement.

Napoleon Hill The Science of Personal Achievement

Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

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S02-INT12: Glenn R. Fox: How Gratitude is the Game-Changer

“The word is out… gratitude has incredible benefits.” ~Glenn Fox

In this entertaining interview, Glenn covers his journey toward graduate school and beyond. Citing stories of getting his top-level mechanics degree and his love of cars and, how being a mechanic served much of his mindfulness development.

His eclectic background combined with an element of chance ultimately leads Glenn to find a great mentor who recommendeds that he study an emerging field, “affective neuroscience”.

Glenn shares wonderful insights and studies related to neuroscience and gratitude and how for him he must “win the home field” — a great metaphor to help him remember it’s really about having healthy, quality relationships —that foster success.

Glenn R. Fox earned his PhD from USC’s Neuroscience Graduate Program and his extensive research regarding gratitude is widely published.

Just some of what Martin and Glenn cover:

-How across nearly all religions and philosophies Glenn has noticed that gratitude is a fundamental theme
-How mindfulness and gratitude are practices
-How emotion can help us to narrow the range of options
-How the brain process emotion

-How emotion influences our decisions and behaviors
-How we might better understand the value of emotions to make better decisions
-His influences like Antonio Damasio and Pema Chodron
-Why Glenn sees envy as a positive emotion
And much more…

The point is emotion narrows the decisions we can make so we’re not just frozen… it’s useful and helps us make decisions — it probably exists for a reason.



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Glenn’s Book list:
When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times (Shambhala Classics)
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values

Glenn’s Blog: http://glennrfox.com/TheEmpiricistBlog/ .

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