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S3-23: FAF – How Can I Be More Proactive?

“How can I be more proactive?”

MG and HE tackle this powerful and common question from a number of vantage points, starting with the late, great Dr. Stephen Covey and his all-important “Effectiveness Quadrant”.

Martin shares that by drawing out this diagram yourself it can provide a very basic and visual framework for anyone to organize those things in their life that are IMPORTANT but NOT urgent. And, addressing those consistently is the KEY to effectiveness.

The challenge for most of us is that we spend so much time in the “URGENT” and “IMPORTANT” quadrant, which is Quadrant #1. And ultimately, we begin to confuse “busyness” for effectiveness and then, unfortunately the really import work we need to be addressing is neglected.

Henry uses the example of personal goals and how it is that we must be able to add a sense of urgency to those projects that are most important to us but lack a sense of urgency. Then both MG and HE get into various techniques, strategies and tools to use to help anyone be more proactive and to knock off those Quadrant II items!!! (some tools in links below!)

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Trello! (Boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way.)

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S02-Frequently Asked Friday 03: Are Habits Better Than Goals?

“Are habits better than goals?”

This is a semi-crazy meme that Martin wrote about last week (here). In this episode, Martin elaborates on the idea that these are equal and complementary components when it comes to goal achievement. Then he shares a bit of a surprise— just how far back this realization actually dates.

The short story is that goals properly set (with significant motivation to achieve them) illuminate the ideal behaviors/habits one needs to foster. 

And, using The Habit Factor’s method of habit development, P.A.R.R. (Plan, Act, Record & Reassess) one is able to develop habits more quickly.

Then, Martin shares a quick example and reviews a little “Goal Setting Theory” and a man named Edwin Locke (you likely know him via his SMART goals system).

Enjoy the episode ; )

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