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S3-39: MBM – Metamorphosis

“There is nothing in a catapiller that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.” ~Buckminster Fuller

[Note: *Apologies* The sound quality at times is compromised in this episode. Henry had to use his cell phone and there a a few moments (briefly) where  background noise interferes. Thanks for your patience and understanding.*]

“Habit is a cobweb at first and a cable at last.” ~Spanish Proverb

Martin and Henry get after this one on the heels of a keynote presentation Martin recently did for IREM (institute for real estate management). He talks to Henry about how he inserted these same “two themes” at the front of the presentation because they applied so well to the REstart graduates who were being honored at the luncheon.

MG then discusses this powerful idea of transformation (preferring the term, “Metamorphosis”) and our individual capacity to turn virtually any weakness into a strength using the force of habit.

Today it’s popular in the personal development world to “ignore your weakness and just focus on your strengths”. History is filled though with stories where the underdog went to work on his weaknesses instead of accepting them and turned them into life altering strengths!

Martin shares that his recent strengthfinder results prove this idea as his five “strengths” according to their extended survey are: strategy, relator, achiever, futurist, positivity.

The problem though with this idea of ignoring your weakness is (with attention) your weakness may be your greatest gift! Since weaknesses often call your attention, by harnessing habit you can turn almost any weakness into a strength.

“The Habit Factor wouldn’t exist (book or app) if I just accepted my weakness!”

Sometimes leaning into your weakness with infinite patience and sincere desire to improve is the best thing you can do. Especially if you follow P.A.R.R.




Jim Kwik: Kwik Learning  (weakness to strength!)

What does Benjamin Franklin and a Hindu Priest Have in Common?

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S02-Mind Bullet Monday 21: Be Like Water

It’s hard to argue that water is not the ultimate solution…

Particularly when you notice water’s unique traits and how they can apply to our lives.

As a follow-up to the recent Adaptability Episode (Mind Bullet), Martin shares how water proves to be a fantastic model for us to learn from.

Not many elements change from gas to liquid and even become a solid with general ease.

Further, water provides a powerful model for two other important concepts; mastery & character.

Maybe it isn’t a coincidence that our body as well as the earth itself, is comprised of approximately of 70% water?

When it comes to our character, water provides an example of many important traits we’d be wise to assume; strength, transparency, resilience, cohesiveness, patience, flexibility, formlessness, self-balancing/correcting, smooth, soft, etc.

These are the same traits any, would be, “master” must assume while, of course, refusing the “master” label.

The master never reaches for the great, thus she achieves greatness. when she runs into a difficulty she stops and gives herself to it. She doesn’t cling to her own comfort. Thus problems are no problem for her.
~Lao Tzu

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S02-Mind Bullet Wed 20: How Adaptable Are You?

“It’s not the strongest or the smartest of species that survives, but the one most adaptable to change.” ~Charles Darwin

In order to be “successful” you can bet you’ll need to first survive— to be alive. Seems obvious enough and when considered in that context, one really cannot over-emphasis the importance of adaptability as it relates to not just survival but the attainment of success.

In her bestseller Mindset (Amazon), Dr. Carol Dweck points to grit as a key predictor of success. Angela Duckworth (correction) is the author of GRIT (Amazon).

Martin then shares his take on what a GRIT pyramid might look like and the visual (link here to related post) really underscores how both resilience and adaptability are essential. No adaptability— no grit.

It seems we all know people who experience the same poor results and yet continue with the same behaviors. The inference is that if they could take the time to first reflect on the outcome they desire and then adapt their behaviors and habits they will improve their results.

“It’s hard to have adaptability without that reflection component…”

The next dimension of adaptability falls under interpersonal relationships. Once we can acknowledge that everyone sees the world a little differently, it’s imperative then to be flexible and willing to adapt our own viewpoints to meet others.

Finally, we’re cautioned not to fixate on models and strategies even if they have worked in the past. The fact is, times change, people change, technologies change, etc. For instance; the Taxi cab was a terrific business model and it has been greatly disrupted by new technologies and companies like Lyft and Uber have capitalized. Adaptability played a key role for those new companies to take shape and shift an entire industry.

The idea is to reflect upon your own life and any current challenges and ask if these may present opportunities for you to be more adaptable and flexible, more open to other alternatives and solutions?

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