“All knowledge is based upon perceptual experience” ~Aristotle

Empiricism is a theory that states that knowledge comes only or primarily from sensory experience.

Here’s a couple questions to ponder deeply? 

“How real are certain “truths”? “How accurate is your knowledge particularly as it relates to the stories you tell yourself about your desires, goals and intentions?”

For instance, the US Supreme Court has nine justices? Why not just one? The reason is all nine people can and often see the same data, same experience and same “truth” differently. It turns out that their unique perception reveals to each a different story.

So, the question becomes, what story are you crafting about yourself? Which ones impose limits on you? How “real” are they? Are you certain that you can’t change the story to better support your ideals and goals. 

Knowledge is rarely static. Rather, we find that knowledge shifts around often throughout history. For instance, we know today that the world is round. There was a time that knowledge told all humans the world was flat. In middle school, we were taught that there are nine planets in our solar system. Today, knowledge tells us that there are just eight! Science told us for years that cholesterol was bad. Today there is good and bad cholesterol.

So, if your story (knowledge) isn’t serving you or your goals, CHANGE IT!


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