“I think I can somehow pay for us to live in Greece for a year… that was kinda how it all started.” ~Adam Dailey

Adam Dailey knows a thing or two about moving FAST. As a five-time All-American sprinter, Dailey ran for the University of Arkansas whose track teams racked up 9 NCAA titles while he was there

A bit later in life, Adam and his wife (also a former track star) did what seemed incomprehensible, if not impossible, traveling around the world on a twelve month sabbatical, with their (at the time) four children!

That journey is at the heart of this episode and interview and it’s what inspired Adam to write his #1 Amazon bestseller, “How to Run Away From Home: And Take Your Family With You.

Adam recounts much of his early struggles in an entrepreneurial venture that stemmed largely from some overly-aggressive growth goals and shares how he was able to overcome what amounted to, at one point, losing about a million dollars in just one month!

Adam shares his best tips and insights about travel and warns the listener not to fall into the trap where travel seems to either be about the past or the future. He insists that NOW is almost always the very best time to travel. So listen up and get packing!

You can find Adam’s bestseller here!

How to Run Away From Home: And Bring Your Family With You

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