This episode has us turning the tables… in the coming weeks we’ll begin to weave-in interviews of domain industry experts so we figured we might as well start with Nick Palkowski, podcast guru, expert in online marketing strategy and all-around-great guy!

Things weren’t always sunshine and rainbows for Nick. The first business he started in college, while a great learning experience, ultimately left him with $2 in his bank account and a jar of peanut butter. A jar of peanut butter. Those important lessons (from failure) taught Nick what not to do and what he needed to do differently. They proved invaluable and led him to launch his booming, full-time business Your Podcast Guru.

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One of the most important factors for Nick was understanding that success is a habit, meaning he recognized the importance of becoming a consistent and disciplined professional. Nick even shared his top three character traits and supportive habits on the show… (23:45):

  1. Reading every day
  2. Evening ritual
  3. Exercise

We discuss an important principle, “The Principle of Maximum Error”  and how Nick’s story is a great, real-life example. So, if you’re interested in podcasting and self-improvement (with some inspiration) listen now and check out his custom page for THF listeners:



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