“Every master was once a disaster.”  T. Harv Eker Tweet This

Life is similar to sports. What’s interesting is sometimes we choose intentionally to PLAY and other times, without knowing, we’ve allowed ourselves to fall into the shadows and become a spectator.

While it’s good to have periods of reflection and rest, too much inactivity or indifference impedes our growth, progress, happiness and success.

You know you’re PLAYING to WIN when you have a goal defined — you can describe what the end-zone and even first downs look like.

“Good things happen when planned out. Bad things happen on their own.” Tweet This

To stay motivated and keep your head in the game, be sure to track and keep score! Just try to imagine any professional sport without a target and/or score.

Athletes know how they are doing because there is a score and it’s tracked! Are you tracking?

This simple concept alone accounts for much of popularity of The Habit Factor® app (iOS) (Android) and  FREE tracking template (spreadsheet). Tracking creates momentum and provides invaluable feedback!

In order to meet the challenge of competition and play our best, Martin and I review the CRITICAL 3 P’s. (17:22):

  • Planning  – what is the end goal, ideal, objective?
  • Preparing – what are the resources: people, tools, skills required?
  • Practicing – Practice skills, refine and rehearse – simulate real “play”

Then, we challenge the listener to identify something they are working on and intentionally practice and track it this week.

Finally, we touch on the big trap that seems to hit so many people after a BIG win.

With a nice, satisfying win behind them, (just like some athletes) they lose focus and attention in the present. They become tentative and perhaps even unsure how or if they might repeat their prior success.

Forgetting of course that, “Greatness is a process.”  Tweet This

Are you tracking? Do you know what the short term first-downs are? What does the long-term end-zone looks like?

Let me know how you keep your head in the game?

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