“It’s important to regard failure as an event and not a person.” Tweet This

On your unique journey to a more balanced and successful life, failure is inevitable. One of the biggest obstacles to achieving your goals is separating your sense of self from any particular instance of failure (2:44). Rather than labeling yourself as a failure after a tough setback or challenge, shift your perspective and simply view the failure for what it was: an event.

“Failure is not the opposite of success; it’s a prerequisite.” Tweet This

Research (or quickly Google ; ) the autobiography of any one of your favorite heroes and you will notice that each and every one has essentially failed their way toward success (5:02). Here are a few ways setbacks can be overcome more easily… (9:48):

  1. Continuing to move forward assertively
  2. Frequently attempting new and challenging things
  3. Identify a “winning” model
  4. Reverse engineering the desired outcome

While almost everyone tends to overestimate what they can accomplish in the short term, they grossly underestimate what they can achieve in the long-term. Of course “success” is the ultimate end-goal where patience becomes a critical ingredient and it’s only via the power of habit that one can develop those essential mindsets required in order to spin failure to win!

“Genius is eternal patience” –Michelangelo Tweet This




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