“Everyone wants to improve the world, very few are willing to improve themselves.” Tweet This

Many people write-off self-help thinking that positive thinking just sets you up for disappointment later.

Zig Ziglar once put it brilliantly, “positive thinking won’t allow you do everything, it only allows you to do everything better.” For instance, positive thinking may not help you to dunk a basketball. But, it will make your efforts much improved.

The beauty is self-help isn’t just about “positive thinking”. First and foremost, it’s an acknowledgment that the person responsible for their growth and development is themselves.

SELF HELP (at the proverbial end of the day) has been described as the only real help there is.

Self-help is also about accepting one’s self as they are and then acknowledging ways they might improve. The pursuit of self-help assures a certain amount of humility.

“True nobility isn’t about being better than others, it’s about being better than you were before.” ~Wayne Dyer Tweet This

So, really, the beginning of all self improvement is an acknowledgement that you can be better and a belief that it’s possible.

In this episode, Martin and I review his personal journey of self improvement (6:00) and then he discusses at least seven reasons why self-help doesn’t suck (11:10).

  1. It’s the only true help there is
  2. It helps you assume responsibility for your life.
  3. Promotes a respectful understanding of self and humility.
  4. Demonstrates a DESIRE to be better.
  5. The concept of true nobility
  6. It’s the only thing you can inspiring others

He then reviews some top-of-mind favorite self-help books and authors. (26:00).

“Let everyone sweep in the front of his own door and the world shall be clean.”  Tweet This



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