“Good things happen when planned, bad things happen on their own.” ~Quality is Free Tweet This

The path to leading a more efficient life is simply to harness the power of positive habits and rituals.

Chances are very good you already have a set number of habits and rituals (particularly in the morning or evening). The question is, have they developed by choice or by chance? Are they by design or by default?

Intentionally establishing positive routines in the morning and evening will help you to feel refreshed, balanced, connected and even, as a bi-product far more productive.

In this episode, Martin and I review 6 reasons rituals are powerful and various tips for establishing them to help foster your efficiency and peace of mind. (7:10):

  1. …rituals are more energy efficient
  2. …they compound greatly w/out notice at first
  3. …they work with natural rhythms
  4. …help you to feel more connected
  5. …bring you mindfulness and mindlessness
  6. …they can be established consciously using the P.A.R.R. methodology

This week, Martin and I challenge you to create a ritual and to track your progress–that’s it!

By tracking the ritual, you will reinforce its behavior and habit becomes the gateway  rituals to foster an environment where you can be your most productive and successful self.



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